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Entry and Exit

Attendance in the first fifty years was not strictly credential-oriented. Students came and went as their learning goals were met, sometimes multiple times. Graduation, diplomas, college matriculation were more a characteristic of the preparatory model (after the Civil War), than the earlier academy model.

Grade Levels

From the very first, as seen in the 1816 Statutes, the full course of studies was eight years. The 1829 and 1834 Statutes list three departments with courses of varying duration, with admission to any level dependent on skill, not age or school history: Classical, eight years (six as of 1852); English, five years, Mercantile, four years. When defined, the grade levels were:

Dept.1815-1858as of 18581880sas of 1889as of 1931SchoolEquiv
Primary  F Class F Class First GradeLower1
Primary  E Class (1871) E Class Second GradeLower2
Primary  D Class (1863) D Class D Class Third GradeLower3
Preparatory C Class  C Class C Class Fourth GradeLower4
Preparatory1st Year B CLass  B Class B Class Fifth GradeLower5
Preparatory2nd Year A Class  A Class A Class Sixth GradeLower6
Academic3rd Year F Class (1866)  1st Year or 'Class' First (I) Form First (I) FormUpper7
Academic4th Year E Class 2nd Year or 'Class' Second (II) Form Second (II) FormUpper8
Academic5th Year D Class 3rd Year or 'Class' Third (III) Form Third (III) FormUpper9
Academic6th Year C Class 4th Year or 'Class' Fourth (IV) Form* Fourth (IV) FormUpper10
Academic7th Year B Class 5th Year or 'Class' Fifth (V) Form Fifth (V) FormUpper11
Academic8th Year A Class 6th Year or 'Class' Sixth (VI) Form Sixth (VI) FormUpper12
*In this period, the normal progression was through Lower Fourth Form and Upper Fourth Form, 2 years.

Source Notes

The class lists to 1913 are from data listed in the Centennial publication, "Historical and Financial Summary." This is a reliable source and serves as a baseline reference. The class lists 1913 to 1938 are from data printed in school catalogs. Dr. Henry Hun, primarily, and John McClintock, secondarily, have made corrections and added supplementary data.

User-Added Data

The data in Our Academy, its successive editions, its derived web pages, and underlying database may be augmented by users. You may download, complete, and send by e-mail this Excel data file

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