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People of Albany in 1813

In Albany's first directory, 1813, 128 businesses are interspersed with 1,570 individuals. Some individuals have alternate addresses, usually of stores or shops. There are two search options on this page, "white pages" for persons and busineses by name and "yellow pages" for persons and businesses by occupation or street.

"white pages"

to find a directory listing, please type first few letters of the name
Last name
(or business name)

example: for Smith type: Smi

Note: in this directory, the Scotch-Irish prefix Mc is rendered M' (M apostrophe)

Find Directory Listing

"yellow pages"

Option 1 - Individuals and businesses listed by occupation.

Option 2 - Individuals and businesses listed by street address, occupation also included.

1. sort by occupation
Choose the industry to see listings (individuals and businesses) in that field. The number signifies the resident count per field.


or, 2. sort by address
Choose the street to see individuals residing there and businesses located there (1,858 total records). The number signifies the address count per street (resident and business). For help with street name correspondence to contemporary names, refer to "Topics" in top navigation bar.


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